van clleef Clover necklace, neck luxury experience

replica van cleef arpels necklace grading standards are mainly based on 1T and 4C: the transparency, color, clarity, cut, carat weight to measure. Clover necklace, neck luxury experience People love clover, as it is love, enthusiasm and character of the noble representatives, a symbol of glory. Legendary people wearing clovers will be healthy and longevity, happy love, family harmony. According to legend, the former Myanmar warrior cut a small mouth in his body, a clover embedded in the mouth, they think it can achieve the purpose of invulnerability. International gem industry as four-leaf clover “July birthday stone” is a symbol of noble, love, love. Therefore, women now also like to wear clover necklace, buy clover necklace is also exquisite. First of all depends on the transparency of Clover, and secondly must choose the well-known jeweler, the last is certainly not covet cheap.

If you want to buy a seemingly upscale replica van cleef and arpels necklaces, or after some carefully selected, can not haveten trouble. How to identify true and false clover? Natural gems “ten red and nine crack”, without any flaws and cracks of the natural four-leaf clover is extremely rare. The artificial four-leaf clover color, internal defects or crystalline inclusions less clean, larger blocks. As a precious gem, natural Clover more than 3 carats on the market is very rare, such as encounters a larger block of Clover, it is necessary to pay attention, because the natural Clover higher than the value of artificial Clover thousands of Times, a little negligence, it will “take medicine.” Natural clover has a strong “dichroism”, the so-called dichroism, that is, from different directions, there are two kinds of red and orange red, if only one color, it may be red spinel, garnet or Red glass and so on.

Van Cleef & Arpels gold pendant replica
Van Cleef & Arpels gold pendant replica

Red spinel and natural Van Cleef & Arpels diamond necklace replica are very similar, the two most confusing, it must be particularly careful. The symbol of Clover Clover in English called Ruby, Clover in the Bible is the most precious of all the gems. Clover hot red so that people always put it and enthusiasm, love together, known as the “stone of love”, a symbol of enthusiasm, the beauty of love, eternal and sturdy different color Clover, from different Of the country, but also means a good fortune. Red is always the messenger of beauty. Clover is the best guide to give to others.

Clover among the red, the most valuable is the most concentrated color, known as the “pigeon blood red” gems. This almost can be called crimson bright, intense color, but also the unforgettable look of Clover. Unfortunately most of the Clover colors are pink and have a pinky feel, so the Clover with the pigeon-blood tones is even more valuable. Clover filled with a strong angry and rich color, the previous people that it is the incarnation of the Phoenix, had a warm fantasy. It is said that the left hand wears a copy Van Cleef & Arpels gold pendant or the left chest wears a clover brooch and has the magic of turning enemies into friends. Read so much, you are also attracted by the unique charm of Clover, then hurry to buy it. However, remember, to go to the regular jewelry counter purchase, please do not seek cheap!